3000yen/day.(3200yen/day in summer and winter season)

We offer dorm type room only, so share the room with other guest.

the price will be charged for each person.

CHECK IN TIME 16:00~ 21:00 CHECK OUT TIME 10:00

guesthouse mixed dorm room 1
guesthouse mixed dorm room 2


4~6 beds mixed dorm room.  Enjoy to see the nice street through the large wide window in the room.

guesthouse female dorm room 1
guesthouse female dorm room 2


4~6 beds dorm room for female only. 


​We have  common open space and garden for everyone.

Share time with other guest in cultural Japanese style room. 

guesthouse common space

​Shower Room and Toilet

​Each room have not private shower room and toilet. Use the shower and toilet in the common area. We have 2 shower rooms with bathtub.(Sorry, shower room is a bit narrow)

Hair shampoo and body wash are provided in the bathroom.

Towel rent for 100 yen.

guesthouse washroom
guesthouse towel for rent
guesthouse shower room
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